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Ellis escribed phenomenally.

Studio Line - 813-438-6778

Purchasing isotretinoin, Anyone buy isotretinoin online

Purchasing isotretinoin, Anyone buy isotretinoin online

Casper a 17 yr old aspiring rapper born and raised in North Philly talks to me about his journey into making it in the music industry.


Purchasing isotretinoin, Anyone buy isotretinoin online




Risi and Casper

As he continues to strive to make it to the top. You can listen to more of Casper interview on the Morning check in with Ty Bless on xtrememixxradio.com and you can also find and listen to Caspers craft on:

AR_CASPER @Twitter.com
AR_CASPER @youtube.com
A_R CASPER @soundcloud.com
Clips Z up. Casper@instagram.com

And that’s What’s Xtremely lit With TeamRisi!





Listen to the Full Interview below:


Check out Casper’s video “Water”  below:


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