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Studio Line - 813-438-6778

Safe site to buy isotretinoin, Where can i buy real isotretinoin online

Artist Name
Ty Bless
Birth Place
Harlem USA
Hip Hop, Club Hop
Year activate

Safe site to buy isotretinoin, Where can i buy real isotretinoin online

Ty Bless is a multimedia megastar. Ty Bless is a Producer, recording artist, song writer, Human Beat Box, and an on air Hip Hop Personality with Team Mind Trip & DJ Eddie B Swift on BREAL.TV(Cypress Hill™). He has an extensive knowledge of the music business and first-rate skills in dealing with people. He is completely reliable and enthusiastic in performing whatever he does. Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, TyBless still resides part time in the NYC Metro area. Hitting the airwaves in 2015, with his latest venture with Jay Alams of Jay Alams Music, Ty Bless will venture into the Latin/Reggaeton/Pop side of things with his new HOT single “Takin’ My Money”. A familiar groove with a Trap Hop Swag that will allow the listeners to get close the their crushes. “Desnuda” A Reggaeton Pop banger is currently buzzing among the DJ types from Brazil, Florida, Texas, New England, Philly, PA, NYC, NJ, and soon the International club circuit.

Ty Bless as an entreprenuer has been a consutant, and client to many current success stories, like Allen Ritter, who produced, co wrote, and appeared on 7 songs on Ty Bless’ “Rock Da Party” mixtape. Who’s now an ASCAP Award winner for “No New Friends” by Drake, nominated for Song of the Year By The BET Hip Hop Awards for his contributions on “Blessings” by Big Sean, signed to Kanye West GOOD imprint. Production great, Mate Traxx, hired to Produce for Ty Bless when he was an Executive Producer for artist at Tommy Boy Records, who is now considered the King of bachata for his Production Prowess for Aventura, and Romeo Santos, just to name a few. 11-1 being Ty’s born day, 111 means the gate way to prosperity. If Ty’s involved, something good is going to come from it. TyBless has recently been honored at the annual World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) Award for Best Hip-Hop video, for his smash “Freakin’ It featuring K7”. Ty Bless has just recently co starred and featured on tracks like “Hot Spot” by Dance Music Artist Amy Tori, and “Tonight” by future Pop Princess, Taina of Six Centz Entertainment. Ty Bless then went on to feature on, and Co Produce Taina’s next Single “Let Me Live” slated for spins on Party 105.3, and 92.3 FM in NYC.

TyBless’ professional career outside of music includes countless TV and movie appearances, including Diary of a Tired Black Man (2009). During this journey he also had a constant presence on New York’s HOT 97 and 103.5’s WKTU FM radio Stations in New York and New Jersey as they did the overnight 12am to 6am shifts, gaining his broadcasting experience (1997 – 2007). Ty has also been featured in a commercial for Footlocker and Toyota (2008). The passion he has acquired has turned into a career for TyBless. Ty’s goals are to entertain the world with his music, & to get involved in more movies. Acquire abundance, and use it all to help others who are trying really hard, but are falling just short of making it. He has a unique, versatile sound which is easily recognized but still pushes the envelope while presenting substantial crossover ability and a little something for every listener. With an undeniable blend of material, image, performance and commercial marketability, TyBless is truly unstoppable!

For more on Ty Bless be sure to visit him online:

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