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Studio Line - 813-438-6778

Isotretinoin for sale without prescription - Where to buy isotretinoin in kuala lumpur

Isotretinoin for sale without prescription - Where to buy isotretinoin in kuala lumpur

From his early beginnings, DJ Tek-Wun knew what he wanted and set his sights firmly on getting it. Paying his dues early on as every entertainer must do . . . he paid his, “spinning for parties, school’s, events, and friends”, then known as DJ Wes. His established repertoire of venues where he displayed his crafts of scratching and beat making quickly began to grow.

Hip-Hop has been one of the most important and integral parts of his life. Demonstrating his insurmountable proficiency for his art for the last sixteen (16) years, he has wooed club patrons and audiences with his masterful mixes and stellar performances. Having a knack for creating a club vibe, DJ Tek-Wun knows how to react to the crowd. He regards his craft as a science, totally submerging himself and his audiences in the music and the mix, which never fails to translate into a rich and exciting adventure for all. Unlike many other DJ’s, Tek-Wun employs his craft with raw emotion, NOT relying on pseudo computer mixes and effects to make his show. His multifaceted approach and methodology to the DJ profession is genuine and clearly evident in his performances. A true professional in every sense of the word, DJ Tek-Wun never fails to drive the crowds crazy with excitement.

Not only is this DJ true to his profession, he has also proven to be an authentically compassionate human being as well. Taking a break from his career in the nineties, DJ Tek-Wun enrolled in the armed forces to serve his country. After his brief stint in the Navy, he returned home to take the art of DJing more seriously. He became the resident DJ at a local bar and also landed a first radio gig on college radio station 91.3 FM WVKR, where you can currently catch him playing throwbacks and “old skool” music on Thursdays.

Currently based in Upstate New York, DJ Tek-Wun has made up his mind that 2011 is going to be the year that he breaks through to becoming the consummate celebrity DJ. He plans to place his focus on producing and performing in high-profile venues and more nationwide media related events. This DJ is at a turning point in his career and in a word is totally “unstoppable”. Critics and fans nationwide that have followed this young man’s prodigious career over the years will continue to follow him throughout 2012 and beyond!

For more information or to book DJ Tek-Wun you can visit his website:

More from DK Tek-Wun


Isotretinoin for sale without prescription - Where to buy isotretinoin in kuala lumpur

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