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Artist Name
Born Corina Katt Ayala
Birth Place
Puerto Rico - Raised In Harlem, New York

Corina  Biography

”’Corina”’, is a (dance pop) singer from Manhattan, New York (Born in Puerto Rico) She released a self-titled album on Atco Records, and charted string of dance hits in the US between 1989 and 1997. The highest charting of these was the top ten hit “Temptation”, which peaked at #6 on the U.S. charts.

Corina portrayed Frida Kahlo in the 1999 film ”Cradle Will Rock”.

”’Corina Katt Ayala”’ is one of the most electrifying performers and broadly talented artists in a generation. Known for her honest, open hearted and intimate style she is a one of a kind Singer/Songwriter, Actor and Writer whose work goes right to the heart of love, inspiration and human triumph. Ask anyone, the world over, who have witnessed her perform in concert, on the theatrical stage or on the big screen and they will tell you that they have witnessed the truth.

The firstborn of Puerto Rican parents Corina was raised between the rough and tumble neighborhoods of New York Cityʼs South Bronx and Harlem communities and Puerto Rico, where she spent summers and school vacations with her grandmother from childhood thru her early 20ʼs. Brought up in a home which she describes as,”extremely challenging to say the least”, performance became her only means of escape, as she would lock herself in her room and re-enact the performances of her Motherʼs favorite singers for hours on end.

By age 14, after years of performing in front of friends and family alike and years of formal training, Corina was beginning to win beauty contests and talent competitions, eventually landing her the Miss Hispanic America Title and a 1st Runner Up as Ms. Puerto Rico. By her late teens she had signed to an independent label which led to the release of “Out of Control”, “Give Me Back My Heart” and “Loving You like Crazy” all charting Top 40 on the US Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Chart respectively. Corina’s self-titled [[Atco Records]] debut album spawned 3 additional chart-toppers: Whispers, Now That You’re Gone which landed her her first [[Billboard Hot 100]] singles and Temptation which held a top 10 position on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. In 1996 Corina was flown into Atlanta to record a remake of Summertime, Summertime at the request of record producer Lil John.

Describing herself as an Entertainer first and foremost when often asked, “Ohh, you are getting into acting now?”, Corina explains, “I am an Entertainer, having danced, sang and acted from a very early age. It just so happened that I stepped into the world spotlight as a singer first.” Entering the world consciousness through her music videos, MTV, and national and international tours with the likes of Boys II Men, Ice Cube and Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) Corina once again charted on the [[Billboard Hot 100]] with “Summertime Summertime”, produced by [[Lil John]] for their [[Columbia Records]]/So So Def’s All-Star Base CD. Her songs & performances have taken her around the world, including Japan, Europe, The Caribbean Islands and Moscow. She has appeared on TV shows like Regis & Kathy Lee, Show Time At The Apollo, Entertainment Tonight and MTV’s Downtown Julie Brown while continuing to find and create consistent work as an Actor/Producer.

After a series of guest starring appearances on such shows as [[All My Children]], [[One Life To Live]], [[As The World Turns]], [[The City]], [[New York Undercover]] and [[Cosby]] Corina was beginning to make waves on the big screen as well. With her earlier success starring opposite [[Marc Anthony]] in East Side Story Corina was now starring with [[Anthony Michael Hall]] in Funny Valentine and Emmy/Golden Globe winner [[Peter Dinklage]] in Fortunes. [[Tim Robbins]] then tapped Corina to portray famed Mexican Artist [[Frida Kahlo]] in his Touchstone Pictures release [[Cradle Will Rock]]. Corina describes the experience on set as, “the greatest acting clinic I could have ever attended.” Directed by [[Tim Robbins]] and working with such Oscar winning Actors as [[Susan Sarandon]] and [[Vanessa Redgrave]] Corina starred opposite [[John Cusack]](Nelson Rockerfeller) and Latin Music legend/Actor [[Ruben Blades]] playing Frida Kahloʼs husband, [[Diego Rivera]].

It was then that Corina began to feel an inspiration from the depths of her soul to share her stories of triumph and heartache, dreams come true and those yet to be realized which she had collected along the path of her still unfolding journey. The inspiration was to become known as her One Woman Show, “Fear & All Of Me”, a show that Corina describes as,” the work I am most proud of to this very day, a work about feeling the fear and showing up anyway.” “Fear & All of Me” would play to 3 sold out [[Off-Broadway]] runs leaving audiences in stitches, in tears and inspired. As the last character Bambi states, “Whatʼs the point? There is no Point, this is just my story and parts of her story (Corina). And what sheʼs asking is that you all tell your story. because you all have one, and you know how you can tell it? You can tell it by living your dream.”

Corina continues to live her dream by touching all who come into contact with her person and with her work. Inspired by such influences as La Lupe, El Gran Combo, Hector Lavoe and others Corina has been working on her first Latin Album. Anchored by heartfelt storytelling elements the listener is invited on a journey of enchanting orchestral Ballads and soul stirring, body moving Salsa rhythms. In the pipeline are her memoir, “My Mothers Daughter”, two feature length films written by Corina and a semi-autobiographical TV sitcom “LATIN IN AMERICA”, loosely based on her childhood and her wild and wacky family.

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